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How to make solar eclipse glasses

There are many different and easy ways to make solar eclipse glasses.

How to make solar eclipse glasses
How to make solar eclipse glasses

Doctors warn: Do not look at the sun with naked eyes or a pair of sunglasses, even if you use a variety of eclipse tools, do not observe the sun for a long time, or it will cause permanent damage to the eyes!

I still remember that when I watched the Japanese food in China 30 years ago, I was excited by all the people. I used various tools, ink pots, several pairs of sunglasses, electric welders, X-rays, and small holes.

How to make solar eclipse glasses

Now, readers who are not ready to look at eclipse tools are introduced to a simple and quick way to make eclipse tools.

Find an empty paper box, preferably a little taller or longer.

How to make the eclipse tool 1

Find a small piece of aluminum foil for barbecue

How to make the eclipse tool 2

Dig a small hole in the side of the paper box

How to make the eclipse tool 3

Cover a small piece of aluminum foil on a small hole with tape paper; poke a small hole in the aluminum foil with a sewing needle (note that the hole must be small, as shown below)

How to make the eclipse tool 4

Point the hole at the sun and look at the sun on the wall of the carton opposite the hole through the opening in the top of the carton.

How to make the eclipse tool 5

This is the image of the sun that can be used to observe the solar eclipse process.

How to make the eclipse tool 6


  1. The distance between the side wall of the digging hole and the side wall of the image is preferably a little larger so that the sun image will be larger.
  2. If there is any other light leakage on the paper tray, it can be sealed with tape.

How to make solar eclipse glasses with plastic sheet and candle.

The eclipse can never be observed by naked eyes, but the professional eclipse glasses sold online are expensive. According to the experiment, I made a pair of observation glasses, which is convenient to take, and everyone can try it.
The production process is:

  1. Take a transparent plastic sheet, cut it into two pieces of eyeglasses, and then evenly smoke it with a cloud of candle smoke. The degree of blackening can be tested in the sun.
  2. Cut into a frame of glasses with cardboard.
  3. Apply the blackened plastic sheet to the cardboard frame with scotch tape.

What is the principle of looking at the eclipse?

Look at the eclipse of the eclipse, you can make it yourself, but there are also manufacturers, but they are all similar.
The self-made black platter can be cut out as a lens by using a computer floppy disk, and the eyeglass frame can also be used with clear glass to smear the ink.
The principle is simple. Most glasses are dark or black. According to the principle of the lens, such as a red lens, the transmitted light is red, the light of other colors is absorbed, the light transmitted by the green glass is green, and the different wavelengths are absorbed.
In the same way, everyone knows that black is produced because the light is dim or no light, so the black lens causes the glass to absorb most of the light and light of various wavelengths.
Why do you want to absorb it? The sun is very strong, and looking directly at the eyes can cause temporary blindness of the eyes, decreased vision, and life-long severe blindness.
Therefore, the eyes of the eclipse are made of black or dark to absorb most of the intense light and protect the eyes.

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