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How to make 0.5N HCl

How to make 31% HCl into 0.5N standard solution

The density of 31% hydrochloric acid is 1.151g/mL and the concentration is 9.87N.
To match the 0.5N solution, set the volume of concentrated hydrochloric acid to V1, and the volume of dilute hydrochloric acid to V2, then:
V1 * 1.151g/mL * 31% = 0.5mol/L * V2 * 36.5g/mol (according to the mass of the solute during the dilution process)
Available: V1 / V2 = 0.051
That is if 1 L of 0.5 N dilute hydrochloric acid is to be prepared, 51% of concentrated hydrochloric acid (51 mL) is required.
After the calculation, follow the steps of preparing the solution (assuming that one liter of 0.5N diluted hydrochloric acid is prepared):

  1. Pipette 51.00mL concentrated hydrochloric acid with a pipette
  2. Dissolve in a beaker with a small amount of water, dissolve and transfer to a 1L volumetric flask; wash the beaker and transfer the washed solution to the volumetric flask.
  3. Make the volume bottle constant.
  4. Transfer the solution and label it.

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